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, in some cases, u.s. citizens. >> jon: u.s. what now? u.s. who? i never thought some of the terrorists could be people on america's got talent. you have to be american to be on america's got talent, don't you otherwise it's cuba's got talent. i bet it's specific about when they can order the killing. >> the killing is allowed if they are leaders of al qaeda and an -- or an associated terror group. >> jon: no worries they won't kill you unless you are part of the al qaeda parent company. al qaeda in iraq, al qaeda in libya, euro al qaeda, chipotle. [ laughter ] oh, really they are not part of -- i thought al qaeda bought that from mcdonalds? either way it's delicious. [ laughter ] lest you worry that we're being too general about who we can target and it's too late to cancel your incredibly ill-advised spring break trip to the yemen sandals. [laughter] the leaked document lays out clear limitations of when terrorists can be targeted. we only take these kinds of actions when there's an imminent threat. >> jon: imminent threat. by definition that requires clear evidence to a specific atta
the seemingly ambiguous and power loaded u.s. drone program. you may have seen that at 11:00 on the way to checking out top champions. it's a show on the food network but it's december appointing because you are expecting champions and -- [laughter] at least show the documents to congress we pled to the president. show them to congress so that the two of you can abuse american power together as the founders intended. before we release that nugget into the -- what is it called -- a tv. [ laughter ] this little piece of news came out. >> president obama has directed the justice department to provide congressional intelligence committees access to classified information providing the legal rational for the drone strikes. >> jon: the guy just ruined our whole (bleep) show. just out of the clear blue boom! no warning. whole show, blew it up. [ laughter ] we tape at 6:30 and there's a four and a half hour lag time before the show airs. we did that whole thing. the reason we do that is because that's how long it takes industrialite magic to digitally alter what i look like in person. it's call
for that for selling to qatar. >> i'm proud of transaction. it's going to be a positive addition to the u.s. media landscape. they do a great job. >> jon: are they keeping some of the current programming? are they replacing it with other things. >> they are keeping a lot of the same people. they have all news all the time, no commercial breaks. they have a terrific reputation. they've earned respect. >> jon: you know who else does that, no commercial breaks cine dlrks max though the news division is not as tight. >> pbs newsed to do it without commercial breaks. >> jon: but enter this macarthur foundation came n. qatar is -- they are the guy -- you are poster boy of sounding the alarm over global warming. how hard is that when you see manhattan flood do you sit back and think to yourself like, i told you. >> no, no, no. [ laughter ] >> jon: is that i a difficult think to wrap your head around? >> look, this thing is so serious and so beyond the tradition yam boundaries -- traditional boundaries of what we're used to dealing with. i wish the scientists whose wisdom i have delivered to people had be
this is what you must do even with the peril it puts you in? >> it's a choice. i could come to europe or u.s. and stay luxurious life like many other people in this world do or i could stay back in my country and try to contribute to a small change if i can. i have decided to go for the second option though it's not easy. i feel as a woman if you become stronger politcally or socially you find more opponents. there's people that want you not to be in this world. there's been woman that i -- that i had to face insurgency face to face. they tried to kill me. i was under attack for half an hour. but still i -- you know i think afghanistan needs people who bring change for the people and i think -- again, i see myself part of the agent of change in afghanistan. and afghanistan is not only a country where you hear about war it's a country full of values and perhaps you have seen it in one special. >> jon: absolutely. >> it's a relationship and value. that is the face of afghanistan i would like to demonstrate to the world which is not only a country that you don't nate to but a country that could
't think u.s. officials have confirmed the predator drone air strikes. >> i'm not going to get into these matters. >> drone strikes killed eight germans in pakistan today. do you have any information about that? >> i don't. and if i did -- if i did, i wouldn't get into it. >> jon: shire tip for you aspiring truth sleuths out there if somebody says i don't foe about that, and even if i did, i wouldn't tell you, that person knows something about that. this guy is going to have to prove to us his changes his information hides ways dusm know about that? >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary one of first things they told me is that you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. you are not even to discuss it exists. >> jon: the second thing they told me how the department of interior invented aids. turns out it's the new formula of new coke instead of high fructose corn syrup. you copped to lying all that is left now is to distance yourself to the lying. >> our dismissal of program undermines people's confidence overall in the decisions the government ma
in part based on people who won't argue with him. he wanted to reduce u.s. influence in the world. he wanted to take us down a peg. >> jon: cheney is confident in his opinions and analysis i guess by forgetting that he sucked at this. like he was the (bleep). even if obama wanted to take our standing in the world down a peg, i couldn't because the bush administration left him with no peg room. he could have invested in deep sea peg hole drilling technology but unfortunately he can't afford to because the previous administration left us in a bit of a cash crunch and by previous administration i mean these (bleep). here is what i want to know -- where with the confident criticism in the thing where he did get the balls and please don't say cadavers. remember this, mr. vice president? >> there's no doubt that saddam hussein has weapons of mass destruction. >> jon: not only there are there no jobs there were no weapons. >> we'll be greeted as liberators. >> jon: we were not. >> i think they are in the last throes of the insurgency. >> jon: turns out the beginning to the middle of throes.
with the u.s. with a nuclear tip missile >> reporter: kim jongo novment you didn't. come on, now. somebody has a missile with a nuclear tip. come on. who is afraid of this guy? looks like he should be chasing pee wee herman for his bike. come on. >> it's believed the secretive regime has a nuclear arsenal of as many as 12 weapons. and powerful ones. >> jon: all right. 12 powerful nuclear weapons. how bad could that be? >> models show such a bomb could level an area roughly about the size of, say, lower manhattan. >> jon: say, lower manhattan? what, no. don't say. why do you have to say? just don't say. come on. 9/11, a flood and a hurricane. we've had enough disasters. don't use us as the hypothetical. when did lower manhattan become standard unit of destruction measurement? that's what i want to know. why has it got to be... ( cheers and applause ) that could very easily be my pizza delivery xeno. for god's sake can't we convert back to [bleep] rhode island? how many rhode islands are. two regional wars. still not world war iii. iran and north korea. transitive property. someone call isra
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)